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Fall 2015 Weddings Part 2

To continue my last post, I am sharing just a couple more of my Fall 2015 Weddings. 

We'll pick back up with late September. Can I just say that September is the new October? SO many weddings September 2015 and so many booked for 2016! 

September 26, 2015
Venue- R-Ranch, Dahlonega Ga
Photographer- West Destiny Drive, Dahlonega Ga
Hair & Airbrush Makeup Artist- Amberly Enich at Structure Hair Studio

From our first few emails, Casey and I hit it off. She was just so sweet and fun to chat with. Excited about her wedding and her future life. She's also a Dental Hygienist, I think I must have had at least 4 DH's last year! 

Her photographer, Reagan Powell of West Destiny Drive, happens to be one of my friends. It's always nice to "work" a wedding with a friend. Casey and her bridal party came to the salon to get ready, Reagan met us there and was able to capture some great photo's of the girls getting ready. Casey's mom brought in cold cut trays and mimosa's for lunch for everyone. P.S ( Your stylist always appreciates when you feed us! YUM!)

Casey's Wedding Day went on to be a beautiful fall day in the North Georgia Mountains. She has now become one of my regular clients, driving all the way from Atlanta to visit me every few months. I love when my brides become my friends. 


October is when Dahlonega THRIVES. It is litterally heaven on earth. For a peek of Dahlonega in all its fall glory, here's my family on Halloween. }Photo Cred- West Destiny Drive

October 10, 2015
Venue- The Calhoun Estate in Atlanta, Ga (Private Residence)
Photographer- Jaimie Dee Photography- Atlanta, Ga
Onsite Hair & Makeup Artist- Amberly Enich at Structure Hair Studio- Dahlonega, Ga

Celia came to me sort of last minute (about six weeks before the wedding). She found me via Wedding Wire as she was planning her wedding from New York.  She was getting married at her Aunt and Uncles private home in Atlanta, Ga (which has been dubbed Atlanta's "Pink Castle").

Upon arrive at the home, (if we can even call this gorgeous estate a home, but that's exactly what it is, a family home.) I about had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the sheer glory of it. 

See what I mean? ^^

Celia was sweet and kind as her emails portrayed her to be. Her beautiful mother was doing all of the catering for the wedding, we had to reign her in and force her to take a break to get herself fixed up. 

Celia's ideal wedding look was as natural as she could get away with for photos. For her makeup, we did a perfect match of her skin tone with the lightest hint of peach blush. For her eyes, we did just the faintest hint of champagne and gold. This girl did not even need my help, she was just naturally beautiful on her own. I tried to give her exactly that but still smoothing everything with airbrush for photo purposes. 
For her hair, which was gorgeously long and soft, we just did the slightest of curling and pulled it half up half down to get the majority out of her face. 


Celia and her british groom were just too gorgeous for words as you can see from the amazing photos Jaimie Dee Photography took. 

On my way home from helping Celia get ready, I realized I left my favorite water cup. I texted her later the next day and asked if she could have someone grab it for me. She and her mom packaged it up and sent it back to me. I love encountering kind people. 

My boss (the toddler) is paging me.
Until next time,


Fall 2015 Weddings- Part 1

As my first set of blog posts, I think it would be awesome to showcase a few of my Fall 2015 Weddings. 

Fall is such an amazing time to get married in North Georgia. The air is lighter and crisp, the leaves are TO DIE FOR, the scenery in general is just at its best. In all the world (and I've been quite a few places), there is NO place I would rather be than Dahlonega, Georgia. 

Let me start off with August. Although it is technically still summer (and still hot as Hades), it is the beginning of a long, 16 week season! 


August 22, 2015
Venue- Monteluce Winery- Dahlonega, Ga
Photographer- Under The White Willow - Atlanta, Ga
On Site Hair Stylists- Amberly Enich & Michele Granger - Structure Hair Studio - Dahlonega, Ga
On Site Airbrush Makeup Artist- Amberly Enich- Structure Hair Studio- Dahlonega, Ga

From the very first email, I knew that Callie's would be a fun bridal party. When someone's personality comes through in emails as well as hers, you just know its going to be a good day. This 12 person bridal party did not disappoint. Michele and I laughed, joked and worked all morning into the early afternoon as the bridesmaids came one after the other. When they weren't getting beautified, they were tirelessly working on these beautiful handmade halo's from fresh baby's breath. 

September 6, 2015
Venue-White Oaks Barn- Dahlonega, Ga
Photographer- Cottrell Photography- Dahlonega, Ga
On Site Hair Stylists- Amberly Enich & Michele Granger - Structure Hair Studio - Dahlonega, Ga
On Site Airbrush Makeup Artist- Amberly Enich- Structure Hair Studio- Dahlonega, Ga


Stephanie wanted sleek elegance for herself,  a classic chignon with a modern twist. For her bridesmaids, she wanted elegant braided upstyles. I think the result along with the gorgeous venue, the sceneries of the majestic mountains all pulled together for a beautiful wedding for this sweet bride and her groom. 

September 12, 2015
Venue- Shamrock Building-Clayton County Water Authority-Jonesboro, Georgia
Bridal Cottage- McCrite's Cottonwood Estates Hampton, Ga
Photographer- Megan Hobbs Photography 
On Site Hair Stylists and Airbrush Makeup Artist- Amberly Enich- Structure Hair Studio Dahlonega, Ga

One of the best parts of being a wedding stylist, is being able to be apart of making the bride feel the most beautiful, the most special, the most amazing she has ever felt. This day, I had the pleasure of beautifying family. My cousin Taylor, got married on a beautiful September Saturday in Locust Grove, Ga. The two hour travel was totally worth the drive. As much as I am partial to North Ga, Middle Ga has its beauties as well. 

We got ready in a beautiful bridal cottage that has now been transformed into a fabulous wedding venue called McCrite's Cottonwood Estates. The bride, being friends with the daughter of the estate owner, had full access to their quaint little cottage that was perfect for styling and picture perfect.

Taylor wanted a look that was romantic and unique. Her hair piece being the main focal point of the style, we built a intricate updo of volume, twists and curls.

Be sure to check out the next entry for more of my Fall 2015 brides!